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Il Foionco ambiente ecologia sostenibilitàRespect for the environment, sustainability and ecology are the basis of the thought that led to the birth of Foionco. The farm has immediately obtained organic certification for all its products, mainly extra virgin olive oil and cereals. In 2016, 1000 organic olive trees were planted, which were added to those already present on the farm. Our company follows the principle of rotation as regards arable land, useful for the regeneration of the soil and in compliance with the recovery times of the field. For the processing of the land, plowing is not carried out to preserve the natural stratification of the soil, which is fundamental for biodiversity.
The new structures of the farm, previously non-existent, were made of wood according to the green building standards in Energy Class A ++++, and also the recovery of the old manor house was carried out in a green perspective.Certified antibacterial stoneware materials were used for the floors and walls. The swimming pool, with very low energy consumption, with a new generation microfiltration system, allows a minimum use of chlorine and other chemicals. The garden, designed by an expert landscape architect, is composed of Mediterranean plants and flowers that require a low use of water even in the hot season.
Il Foionco uses renewable energy with photovoltaic panels that exploit the generosity of the sun, produced by the two company plants for a total of 36kw of power.
With this in mind, the accommodation facility is also managed, with the administration of organic or sustainable and local food products, and avoiding waste. Maximum attention also to the separate collection and use of pollutants for hygiene and cleaning.

Il Foionco Environment Ecology Sustainability

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