Flora and Fauna of Foionco

A natural place to live naturally.

The cats of Foionco

The farm hosts a feline colony of Maremma cats, adopted over time, and who have chosen this location as their home. Our guests will forgive us for their exuberance that animates especially the summer evenings.

The care and nutrition of our little friends are managed exclusively, and with care, by the owners.



The show of the swallows

Every spring the swallows return, more and more numerous, after a long journey from Africa, to restore the existing nests and build new ones. Already from the month of May the first young begin to be born which will then leave the nests to make room for new broods, until the end of August.
Organic farming, the availability of insects to eat and water to drink make il Foionco the ideal place for these birds, useful to the environment and great consumers of annoying mosquitoes! If you are staying in the area of The pool in the late afternoon and until sunset, you can watch their dance when, by the dozens and dozens, they glide on the surface of the water to drink, regardless of who is taking a bath in the tub.
For this reason, and for the risk of extinction, in Italy the removal or damage of the nests are punishable by law.


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